You will find here a repository of all things I have worked on. I have been specializing in Web Design and Grpahic design, though my love still falls with good old illustration, both traditional and digital. You will find in this site galleries of all three areas. Thank you for visiting, stay a while a have a look around. Maybe you will find what you see here. Cheers!

Latest Posts from my Blog…

Sketch from still frame

Been practicing a bit more. Lately I have really felt like drawing again from life but since I haven’t had the chance to draw from a model,  a still frame is pretty good for practicing! This one was frozen while watching a series in Netflix, which has come to be pretty useful for sketching.

Nightwing… Another one

What can I say, I like the character. I was playing with Photoshop also and did a quick color version of it. In color.

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